You need these outdoor signs at your wedding

Having your wedding ceremony or reception outdoors is a wonderful idea.

A natural, scenic spot with space for all your guests and loved ones is the perfect place to say I Do. 

Outdoor spaces are however much harder to decorate and require completely different decor choices as opposed to indoor wedding venues. This difference however does open up a lot of opportunities for truly memorable pieces.

Some of which are outdoor wedding signs.

Outdoor wedding signs

Outdoor wedding signs are signs that you place all around your space to let guests and other people know where the wedding is, where they should (or shouldn't) go to and other forms of information you feel is important to your guests.

And as you can imagine, it took the wedding industry all of 3 minutes to realize that these signs were a great way of adding some beauty to your wedding venue while still keeping their functional style.

Types of outdoor wedding signs your guests will love

Welcome signs

Having a custom welcome sign placed at the entrance to your wedding venue is a marvelous idea.

Functionally, it lets guests know where the ceremony is and tells outsiders that a wedding is happening there so they should give you your space.

The best kinds of wedding signs to get are acrylic signs, their transparent background always looks stunning against the outdoor setting. Your designs look alive and the entire event is given an air of class that you'd usually need a professional decorator to create.

Custom wedding welcome signs have been growing in popularity, all you need to do is select a design that fits in perfectly with the theme of your wedding. If you're having a rose garden theme, there are gorgeous rose themed signs, hosting an outdoor winter wedding, you can find great signs to match your vibe too.

They are also a great piece of memorabilia from your wedding, and seeing as acrylic is as durable as a Nokia brick phone, you're going to have it around for as long as you want.


Quirky direction signs

Give your guests some much needed guidance

In an outdoor setting, especially if you're using a large garden with lots of trees, it can become really easy for your guests to lose track of where they are supposed to be, especially if you've got older relatives and kids at your wedding.

You can place little signs around the venue that tell people where the bathrooms are, where they can get their food and other important information. The real important thing here is to try to get creative with it so the signs don't appear too utilitarian

For instance, instead of “Bathrooms” you could say “Incase you can’t hold in your ‘tears’ any longer, bathrooms are this way”

Instead of “Serve yourself” you could write “Take as much as you want, we’ve already hidden ours”.

The goal is to turn your functional signs into something that lifts the mood of your event, outs your guests at ease and can even flow with the vibe of your wedding.

Fun seating cards

You spent ages deciding on how to sit your family

Why not have some fun with the seating cards?

For some couples, a seating chart seems like complete overkill, you would much rather people simply sit where they want and not have to be confined to sit with people they already know, after all, how else are they supposed to meet new people.

You could put up a sign beside your welcome sign that says “Come as you are and Sit wherever you want. Today, we are all one family”

If however you do have a seating chart, you could either put up a custom chart at the entrance of your wedding that lets everyone know where to sit, or…

You and some of the wedding party could order custom signs and make cute seating cards.

Attendance signs

Yes, you're asking your guests to sign in

But, instead you're doing it as a means to remember everyone who actually showed up to support you on your big day.

To do this, order a piece (or pieces if you're having a big wedding) of clear acrylic from our store, and then get paint brushes or permanent markers for your guests to use.

When they arrive at the ceremony, ask them to use the marker to sign on your large piece of acrylic. By the time all your guests are done, you can then put the sign away and have it lacquered over so you have a long term and beautiful memory of your wedding and all the people who showed up for your big day.

If you want it more intimate, you can get small circular pieces of acrylic and give out paint brushes and paint to couples or groups that arrived together and ask them to paint on their signatures or any kind wishes onto the acrylic.

When you're done, you'll have a lot of little coasters that scream with a lot of love from all your guests.


Having an outdoor wedding is wonderful and there are tons of amazing ways to use signs to elevate the experience, excite your guests and get them involved and have fun at your event.

You can visit our store to view our impressive collection of custom wedding signs that you can use for your Welcome sign. 

We also have clear acrylic that you can use to make the fun attendance signs.