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"United We Stand, Divided We Fall" - Thank You for the SUPPORT America!

Speedy Orders has never been stronger as a company that started as a printing project for friends and family. These times of adversity has shown us what it means to be an American. We are GRATEFUL for what we have and the ability to live “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” We had the honor to work with the US military, Hospitals, Non-profits, and Independent business. We work crazy long hours to make sure all orders get out in a SPEEDY fashion. We take PRIDE in our work. Yes, we made some mistakes but that was learning experiences that help us with the next customer. PERSEVERANCE keeps making us STRONGER and improved our processes! We love the OPPORTUNITY of creating the best product with the highest industrial material at a reasonable competitive cost. This was very challenging when we have to scale it to make it a SPEEDY process. We value INTEGRITY at the highest levels within our company, “doing the right thing, without anyone looking”. We take the extra step to make sure material used is not warped, scratched, dented, discolored and all sort of quality checklist we go through. United States of America is truly the land of opportunity with the right LIFE formula anyone can capture the essence of the American Dream!

High Quality Products From Our Family To Yours.

High-Quality Products from SPEEDY ORDERS are MADE IN USA. All orders are made to precision & processed in our CHICAGO manufacturing unit. Each product that is bought through SPEEDY ORDERS is HIGH INDUSTRIAL Material. You Can Count On Us To Make Your Vision A Reality! Give us a chance to “wow” your shopping experience as we did with thousands of customers! Please share your wonderful unforgettable memorable moments with us (tags us #speedyorders). From the Speedy Family, THANK YOU, for the trust in us to provide the best solution for your needs.

Customized solutions to protect yourself against COVID

Speedyorders offers the best quality table dividers for your desired purposes. Our stylish and durable plexiglass desktop shield is easy to clean and sanitize. Face-To-Face coverage and protection. Plus - lightweight, impact-resistant acrylic is perfect for defense from nasty germs.

Celebrating Chinese New Year! - Perfect Party Ideas For Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Enjoying An Easy Way To Create An Unforgettable Celebration On Chinese New Year With Decorations And Party Supplies From Speedyorders. These Chinese New Year Party Ideas Will Surely Be A Big Hit At Your Party Together With Your Friends And Families.

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