Interesting wedding sign ideas your guests will love


Choosing the right decor pieces for your wedding is a truly daunting task, there are so many options and a near-infinite combination of things that your and your guests may or may not love.

However, there is one piece of wedding decor that is always a big hit at every occasion and is sure to delight your guests while also enhancing the vibe of your wedding…

A gorgeous wedding sign.

A professionally designed wedding sign is the perfect blend of form and function, helping you pass on important information to your guests, and looking amazing while doing it. Pairing a wedding sign to your theme is a great way to elevate the overall decor of your wedding and make it look a lot more expensive than it actually is.


Clever wedding sign ideas

Customized wedding welcome sign

A big, beautiful symbol of the love you and your partner share.

A custom wedding sign is the perfect way to greet your guests at the reception of your wedding or place it up front in an outdoor wedding.

These welcome signs can be customized to either include your picture or a gorgeous design, with a heartfelt message from you to your guests, welcoming them to your wedding.

The most important thing to look at with the welcome sign is how elegant it is. You want your sign to set the tone for your wedding as it will be at the entrance to every occasion. The sign needs to fit in perfectly with the theme, which means you should be shopping at a store that offers a large inventory of designs that you can choose from, preferably multiple ones for the same theme so you have even more options.


Elegant direction signs

These signs are really all about mixing form and function.

The purpose of this is super clear, they help guide your guests to different parts of your wedding, or if you're hosting your wedding in a particularly tricky to maneuver area, like a large hotel garden or a venue with a lot of halls.

They are the perfect way of getting your guests to where they need to be without any stress or inconvenience, plus, they are a lot cheaper than hiring ushers to do the exact same job.

We've got you covered here too…


Unplugged wedding signs

It's your big day, the last thing you want is some obnoxious ringtone blasting as you're taking your vows.

Putting up an unplugged wedding sign is the perfect way to gently tell your guests to turn off their phones and to please not take photos during the ceremony.

You've already paid for photos & videos, taken the time to meticulously plan out your music and stressed for months to make this day perfect, you deserve to have everyone focus on the event and be in the moment as opposed to trying to document it themselves or mess around on their phones.


Seating Charts

For some couples, a seating chart seems like complete overkill, you would much rather people simply sit where they want and not have to be confined to sit with people they already know, after all, how else are they supposed to meet new people.

You could put up a sign beside your welcome sign that says “Come as you are and Sit wherever you want. Today, we are all one family”

If however you do have a seating chart, you could either put up a custom chart at the entrance of your wedding that lets everyone know where to sit, or…

You and some of the wedding party could order custom signs and make cute seating cards.



Wedding signs come in all forms and sizes, the best of which are always going to bring an air of sophistication and beauty to your wedding that you simply couldn't get without them.

So… what now?

Now, you go get yourself your own gorgeous, custom wedding sign. 

Browse through our shop and find the wedding sign that perfectly fits in with your decor, if you need ideas on the best way to use our signs, check out our other blogs for some invaluable inspiration.