A Christmas to remember

Everyone’s said that line and there are probably hundreds of songs about it but…

How do you actually create a Christmas to remember?

One where you and all your loved ones will look back on with nothing but joy and gratitude that you were able to have that experience with each other.

Now, this of course will vary depending on who your family is but we’re going to be giving you some awesome Christmas-time activities that will help increase the bonds you share with your family and give ample opportunities for creating memories you'll all cherish forever.

Throw a Christmas party

Yes, I know this is super cliche…

But things become traditional for a reason and this is one of those traditional Christmas-time activities that are packed full of opportunities for creating cherished memories. 

Now, you don't actually have to be the one to throw the Christmas party yourself, if you already have a family member who loves throwing parties, you can instead rally behind them and make their party as amazing as possible. This could actually be even better than throwing the party yourself as you get the joys of helping out someone you care about and you also don't have to take on the massive stress of catering for everyone.

Get a memorable piece

Whether you're throwing the party or helping set it up, you'll need a centerpiece that can help you tie in the whole occasion and even help to bring in a little fun & beauty into the event.

What you need are a Christmas Welcome Sign and a matching Christmas Photo Booth Frame.

The Christmas Welcome Sign is a gorgeous decoration that easily enhances the decor of your party without having you spend a fortune on expensive planners or overinflated trinkets. The sign comes in different designs, sizes and materials. However, for your Christmas party, we really do recommend going for the Acrylic or PVC signs, the paper signs require a DIY touch before use and aren't as durable or beautiful as the PVC or Acrylic.

The Christmas Photo Booth Frames are perfect for keeping your party feeling lively and fun. The frame has always been a hit, especially if your family loves to take pictures and are very active on social media.

They also come in similar material options, quick tip… When it comes to these frames, we really can't recommend the PVC ones enough. Due to how your guests will be grabbing onto the sign and kids (and let’s be honest, adults too) will pull on it, you really want something sturdy enough to deal with the strain.

Last thing you want is a broken frame in all your amazing pictures or some guests upset that your little cousins tore up the frame before they got a chance to use it.

They're a great gift

If you're helping out with a party or know someone who really takes pride in the parties they throw, then gifting these pieces as a pair will be a perfect Christmas surprise.

The sign will be a much appreciated addition to the party and whenever they look at it and see just how much more beautiful it made their party, they are going to remember how you thought of them and went out of your way to get them a truly functional and well thought out present. They will love the gesture.

And their guests will probably love the Photo Booth Frames just as much when they're taking their pics and posting it all over social media.

Bonus, you can write a little message on your sign or a small riddle and see which of your guests can randomly notice and give you the answer before the party is over. Be sure to tell them you've hidden a riddle somewhere and they need to solve it, otherwise they might just think you were being clever with your words.

Simple party ideas

Hope you didn't think we’d tell you to throw a Christmas party and not give you some ideas…

Your party can be as large or as intimate as you want. 

The important thing is who’s attending and what awesome activities you're going to be having.

Ugly Christmas sweater party

This is a classic and a great way of getting the whole party involved in some quirky fun.

Ask everyone coming in to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, yes even the baby and the dogs need one. Line up the usual games like charades, treasure hunt, tree decoration, gingerbread eating contest, old man hunt (made that up).

If you know you're not big on decorating your house for the event then getting an ugly sweater themed Christmas Welcome Sign will be great. Plus, its the perfect piece for your guests to take social media shots with.

Imagine how awesome the photos will look with them and their ugly sweaters matching your sign.

Be sure to also get a Photo Booth Frame so you can take awesome pictures with all your guests and they can take too.  

Christmas carol party

Yes, this is super fun…

No, you don't have to go door to door.

Think of this as more of a karaoke night but everyone gets to sing along and have an awesome time. If your family is into it (and brave) you can actually go out to do a Christmas carol. 

Depending on where you live, this may not be possible as people aren't used to this and may not enjoy having a group of people come singing on their door but if you're in a close-knit town, you could actually arrange more than just your family for this.

Another thing you can do is decide amongst your family to pay a surprise visit to someone as a carol group and sing at their door, they will absolutely love the effort you all made to be there for them, especially if they weren't actually going to be able to make it to the party.

Why not get a custom Christmas sign that let’s everyone know you're a carol group. The Photo Booth Frame is always going to be useful as they're going to be tons of photo opportunities. The sign is a really big momento that you will be able to pull up and reminisce about for many years to come, which is one of the reasons we recommend Acrylic or PVC, regardless of what happens, your memories are always going to be around.

Make Christmas cards

Get out your matching outfits and take some awesome photos.

Get together with members of your family and loved ones and decide on what outfit you're going to wear for your Christmas card. Remember, this only really works if you all match.

Once you've decided on this, dive into our store and get a Christmas sign and Photo Booth Frame that matches with the theme of your card. Write a Christmas card slogan on the sign, something like’ “Merry Christmas for the Smiths”. You can get more creative with this.

Take your photo with the Christmas sign in all of them, after this, have each individual person take a photo with the Christmas sign and then little group photos with the Photo Booth Frame.

Once all the photos are done, divide it into 6 and create an instagram collage with it. Then on each section of the pic, create a carousel where you show the individual photos of the members of your family that are in the piece. Do the same for all the other posts.


So, you've got all the info you need to make some truly awesome memories with your family and loved ones this Christmas. Remember to have fun, photos are only as valuable if they capture moments of actual emotion, be sure to have fun and make memories, that goes beyond taking great photos.

Now, all you need to do is click the link below and head over to our inventory to pick out your perfect Christmas Welcome Sign and Photo Booth Frame.