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Why you need acrylic for your table top and projects

Why you need acrylic for your table top and projects

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Looking for the perfect top for your new table or custom build?

Acrylic is the perfect material to use, it's super strong, light weight and clear. It's also amazing for cake decorating and display bases, and they are awesome platforms for doing some gorgeous art works.

However, if you're considering these, then I also know you're considering glass too. 

We are here to help make your decision a whole lot easier… choose acrylic.

Don't worry, I'm not going to just proclaim acrylic the winner without giving you some solid evidence as to why. So, let's get into it.

Why circular acrylic is much better than glass

They cost less

There's no use denying it, cost plays a huge role in deciding what we buy. 

Acrylic is much easier to manufacture than glass, its lighter weight means that it's also cheaper than glass to transport and the fact its stronger means manufacturers don't have to raise the price of individual units to cover for expected breakages.

All these means that acrylic is much cheaper than the same sized piece of glass

They're up to 2000% stronger than glass

We all know how terrible it feels to crack or shatter glass furniture, it absolutely ruins your whole day. 

Then you have to turn the entire site into a crime scene as you check for every last, little piece of glass… but don't worry, no matter how hard you look, you'll never find them all. But you will step on a small piece 2 weeks after. If you've got kids at home, this is enough reason to go acrylic.

Acrylic sheets are between 10-20 times stronger than a similarly sized piece of glass.

Which means they won't break or shatter if you drop them or drop something heavy on them, you'll get a little mark if the hit was hard enough, and if it the hit was obscenely hard, it won't shatter, just break into large dull pieces you can easily pick up and dispose of.

Lighter too

Yep, it isn't looking too good for glass.

Acrylic sheets are usually half the weight of a similarly sized glass sheet.

This reduced weight has some heavy advantages for you. 

Your acrylic piece is much easier to carry around and install, saving you a lot of stress in the process. If you use it as a table top or window, it's easier to move around the entire piece when it's done too.

The light weight means you can also use them without fear of damaging the platform they were going to rest on, which means if you wanted thicker, more soundproof windows but didn't want to replace your frame, acrylic would be a much safer bet then glass which might be way too heavy.

They are weatherproof

Acrylic is a really flexible and strong type of plastic, which means they don't degrade as easily as other materials.

Your patio table will look awesome for years. They don't fade or discolor easily and are, just like plastic bags, completely waterproof. So whether you leave them in the baking sun, monsoon rains or freezing hail, they'll still look awesome.

Finally… they look better than glass

When we say better, we actually mean clearer.

At large thicknesses, glass actually takes on a slightly green hue, which you can easily see when looking at the sides of the glass piece. Acrylic on the other hand stays clear throughout the piece, making it a much better choice if you're going for a clear look and intend to have the sides visible.

From the front, they're usually both just as clear.


Now you're all up to speed on the awesome advantages of using circular acrylic pieces for your next project or as the perfect upgrade from your old glass piece.

Checkout our awesome selection of custom acrylic pieces below, our team can help you create the exact size you need, so you get that perfect fit first try.

Stay tuned for more posts!

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