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The ultimate Thanksgiving decoration you must have for this years party

The ultimate Thanksgiving decoration you must have for this years party

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Thanksgiving is the second most celebrated holiday in America, after Christmas, and rightfully so.

Getting together with all your family, friends and loved ones, sharing in the amazing thanksgiving feast, and expressing your gratitude for all the amazing things you've experienced in the last year make this holiday truly special.

However, in the rush to get the turkey, get all the cooking done, and call up all your family members to see who’s showing up for your party, most people forget about decorating their home for thanksgiving and don't have any festive touches waiting to welcome their guests.

If you're currently getting together all your thanksgiving plans and don't want to fuss over hanging up cheesy paper turkeys but still want an amazing decoration for your thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving signs

A thanksgiving welcome sign does a lot more than simply welcoming guests, it's an amazing decoration that lifts up the decor of your event and makes the entire party look and feel much more expensive than it actually is.

Many people love using welcome signs as super easy and inexpensive ways of decorating their parties, it also doesn't hurt that they look amazing and help give some of the best-looking photos for when you want to post your party for all your followers to see.

Which brings us to the fun parts…

What can you do with your thanksgiving welcome sign?

Well… welcome people to your party

I know, I know but we had to mention it anyway.

Welcome signs do exactly what the name says, and they're awesome at it. A gorgeous welcome sign is an amazing way of welcoming family and guests to your thanksgiving party and getting them into the mood for your event.

Picture how amazing your guests will feel, arriving at your party and seeing a beautiful, glass-like sign at your outdoor feast, welcoming them. 

If you already have a theme for your thanksgiving party, then getting a welcome sign that fits in with it is going to score massive points with everyone who views your party as it will look like it was designed by professionals.

We’ve had the pleasure of attending a party that was done like this ourselves and it was pretty damn magical.

An amazing piece for your thanksgiving pictures

Our thanksgiving signs are designed to look breathtaking in your photos, here are 5 awesome ways of getting great photos with your custom thanksgiving sign.

Have your family enjoying themselves at the table, quickly get away and set the sign up in the foreground of your photo and focus in on it, take an amazing picture that gets the whole family enjoying thanksgiving in the background and your gorgeous sign in the front. This photo is an awesome cover for any album you are creating for your thanksgiving memories and will be an absolute stunner for anyone who sees it.

Gather all your family together and have someone hold the sign in the middle and ask them all to strike cute poses, you can then have someone else hold the sign each time you take a picture to make each shot more interesting and fun.

Have guests take pictures around the sign, striking a pose, this will make amazing postcard-style shots that you can then send to them individually so they can keep them as a little piece of your amazing thanksgiving party.

Take the sign to a local thanksgiving parade and have our family and friends take awesome pics holding up the sign with the parade in the background, this not only gets you out to see the parade, but it also makes your pictures super unique when compared with the simple shots you'd normally be taking. 

Get some vanity shots of your thanksgiving feast before your guests arrive, dress up your table, put all your meals where you want them, and take some dramatic and envy-worthy photos of your meal, to post on Instagram or Facebook for the world to admire. Your sign in the background makes it all look even more amazing and professional, plus it lets everyone know just who was responsible for this amazing feast.


Thanksgiving is amazing for so many reasons but being able to share it with the people who make your life worth living and being able to express that love to them is truly the best part. With an amazing thanksgiving sign, you're able to express just how glad you are to have them there with you and create some epic and unforgettable memories with the pictures you take.

Check out our envy-worthy gallery of thanksgiving signs and find the one that connects with you and what you want for your thanksgiving celebrations.

Stay tuned for more posts!

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