4 amazing wedding photo booth ideas you can't miss

Photo Booth frames are an amazing way of adding tons of fun and excitement to your wedding photos. They're also a much easier way of getting your fun and quirky photos without breaking the bank or getting anxiety fit waiting for photo booth contractors to install your booth before your ceremony starts. 

While having the wedding photo booth frame itself is already a ticket to a great time for your guests, we thought we’d help you make your wedding even more amazing by giving you 4 super simple ideas for how to make the most of your photo booth frames.

Let's get started with the one that makes the biggest impact on your wedding album

Create a wedding photo chain

It's time to create a chain of amazing pictures for your album and get the whole wedding party involved.

To do this, you get at least 2 people to take a photo in the booth each time, making sure to strike some fun or animated poses so this looks as amazing as possible.

After you take the first photo, someone from stays in as the next person(s) comes in and takes a photo, the staying person doing their best to replicate the pose they made in the first picture. 

After you take this new picture, someone new (not the person who stayed behind from the first photo) stays behind and another group comes in. You repeat the process of taking the new pic and then a different person stays behind.

By the time you're done, you can arrange all the photos and see how one person connects subsequent photos together to make the running chain of photos, each uniquely different but still connected to the previous and next photo.

Here's a bonus way of having getting even more out of these photos:

Send all pics to your family and see how quickly they can arrange the photos in the correct order, it's a great way of creating a fun game out of a really awesome set of pictures.

Frame your group shots… literally

When taking group shots of your wedding party, family or friend groups, have the photographer back up to where they would usually take the photos and place the frame in front of the camera just so it borders the edges of the pictures. 

This will give an amazing group photo and he frame has your wedding message attached.

Put a Secret message right on the frame

You could have some real fun writing secret messages on your frame that only a few people understand…

The entire wedding has been professionally catered to the last detail, you're perfect and everybody is on their best behavior. So why not have a little fun with your frame. 

You could write an inside joke between you and your partner on the frame and watch their face go red when they see it. Imagine the years of laughter you’ll share, seeing other people taking pictures with it. Or you could go full cringe with a corny saying from your favorite movie or tv show, your imagination is your only limit here. The important thing is to add a bit of your personality to the wedding, not just the perfect and pretty, but the laid back and playful as well.

Keep the frame for photo recreations during vow renewals and anniversaries

One huge advantage of wedding photobooth props is not only the fact that you own them, and therefore the wedding planner won't simply take it away after the ceremony. 

They are also durable, which means you can bring them out when you're doing vow renewals or celebrating your anniversary and want to recreate those wedding photos for your album.

We even saw an amazing photo of someone recreating their older wedding photos but instead of the birds maids, she had her little daughters in the picture, wearing similar dresses and striking the same pose, it was beyond adorable, especially the little baby sitting in a pool of lace, doing her best to be all grown up.

The frames are awesome for making the recreations even more beautiful, plus, it will bring back great memories everytime you stumble on it when you're going through your closet. 

Who knows, you may end up keeping it in a little box under your wedding dress, they can be that important.


Hope you can use some of these ideas to really add some fun to your wedding or get some inspiration for your own interesting ways of using your wedding photo booth frame.

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