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9 Uses Of Personalized Balloons At Party To Make Guests Awe

9 Uses Of Personalized Balloons At Party To Make Guests Awe

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Hosting a party is not easy, but can be creative with the balloon tricks above. Sit back and read all about the cleverest ways to use balloons to jazz up any party like a pro. We’ve got the simplest party balloon tricks that use not more than household items!

How to Use Personalized Balloons at Parties you never know

Wondering how to save money on your next party? Use personalized balloons starting today!

1. Balloon Birthday Wishes in a Box

All you need to do is, write ‘Happy Birthday’ on a giant card. Now, get a bunch of awesome balloons and tie it to the birthday card. Next, get a box that fits your inflated balloons with the card and put it all in giving enough space. Wrap the box and let the birthday boy/ girl open it up and see the card up in the air!

2. Highlight your Centerpiece with Balloons and Flower Baskets

Do you love hot air balloons? Then, you’re bound to love balloon centrepieces. We know the easiest trick in the book to make hot air balloons with household balloons. If you have a décor basket of tiny flowers, tie it to the balloon string and highlight your centrepiece such as the cake by keeping the hot air balloon replicas around it!

3. Snow Balloons in a Wink

A surefire win at Christmas parties and pretty much everything winter, balloons painted white or glued with cotton on are excellent props to replicate snow. They work well as décor and make more fun when blasted at the end of the party. 

4. Giant Balloon Lollipops for Kid’s Birthday Party

So, party pros call this the easiest way to use a balloon to spice up the party. You can use huge wraps of plastic sheets to cover the inflated balloons once or twice like lollipops. Now, attach the balloon to a stick and tie the plastic sheet with the stick and your balloon lollipop prop for the party is ready!

5. Water Balloon Warfare Game for Fun

 Most partygoers call this the classic game for parties as it makes the audience scream in joy!

All you need to do is fill a bucket or two full of water balloons. Split the audience into teams of two or four and start playing with the water balloon like paintball. Easy and cheap right?

6. Balloon Costume at any Halloween

Another fun way to use balloons creatively is by attaching red balloons on a brown suit on your kid on Halloween to mimic an apple tree. Crazy and clever right? Try it next time and keep the claps!

7. Money Ball Balloon Game That Never Gets Old

This game is becoming popular at kids’ and adults’ parties nowadays. All you need to do is fill a balloon with money or bills and fill five or ten more with fake money. Now, get your contestants to hunt for the balloon with the money without breaking it. Add confetti into the balloons to making breaking fun!

8. Invisible Easter Eggs with Balloons is CLEVER

Easter is around the corner. Now, use an inflated balloon and paint them like easter eggs. Keep it with the Easter eggs to have fun on the April Holiday with your whole family. You can also tie yarn on the balloons and prick the balloon afterwards for making invisible Easter eggs!!

9. Bridal Balloons for Showers is Easy

Tie the inflated balloon in net or tulle and your bridal shower props are ready!

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