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What To Add to Your Graduation Banner

What To Add to Your Graduation Banner

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A couple making it to their 50th wedding anniversary is nothing short of amazing. The golden wedding anniversary is celebrated the world over as a milestone achievement, where family and friends come together and celebrate the couple.

That being said, planning one of these 50th wedding anniversary celebrations isn't easy, they aren't as common as weddings themselves so you probably haven't been to one you could use as a reference, and not that many are available to watch online. Happily, we’re here to help.

But, we're going to be doing things a bit differently from all the sites you’ll come across. Rather than give you a massive list of activities that you're probably not going to do, we’re instead giving you a concrete, actionable plan for hosting the perfect 50th wedding anniversary party.

The best part is you don't need to break the bank or call in the marines, it's all about keeping it as simple as possible. Not to worry, we’ll still give you a list of other possible activities to do in case you don’t have enough time to pull the plan together.

Design Choices you Must ADD in your Graduation Banner to make it Rocking

1. Witty One Liner

If you’re celebrating your kid’s graduation ceremony, level up with affordable graduation banners with witty one liner. We’ve got the ‘Keep Calm’ types that work excellently with friends! These are excellent photo backgrounds your friends will keep appreciating you about. Moreover, you can make your custom graduation banners easily with us!

2. Last Two Digits of the Year

Most people are familiar with the idea of christening the graduation batch by the year. If you graduated in 2015, you are ‘The Class of 15’ while 2018 graduates will be ‘Class of 18’. So customize your number and get started on your graduation banner that really celebrates your victory.

3. Glitter, Metal and Bling

Another way to ensure that your guests know you’re serious about your graduation party is by getting the metallic glitters and bling for your party. Glitter is a must-have for graduates who are into bling. It will make the party extra-special for sure!

4. Convocation Hats in the Air with Grads

Most graduates and family of grads attend the graduation ceremony to photograph their loved ones in grad hats. You can get your dream graduation ceremony and make it epic with our high definition graduation banner made with convocation hats. You can feel the freedom in this one, we tell you!

We bet your kid will take endless photos around this frame on his graduation party.

5. Colorful Letters and Custom Texts

If you’re celebrating the graduation of your little one, get this multicolored graduation banner with a series of pencil colors arranged in order. It is sweet, cute and creative for parties for kids.

Colors represent the freedom and meaning of graduation. For adults, custom texts with aesthetic shades is a bestseller. It can make your party epic in no time. Celebrate graduation in style, if you’re throwing one too!

6. People, Silhouettes and Celebration

Student silhouettes are an invisible tradition with graduates all across the world. You can celebrate your victory with grads at the convocation ceremony in silhouettes in this poster for graduation poster. This brings out the spirit of the hurdle and pulls together the party you’re throwing!

7. Convocation Hat and Scrolls

An unknown design element to use in your graduation banner is the white paper scroll with the convocation hat. As we have the best designers, we also have a variety of design elements you can choose for your special day.

If you took an academic degree or are pursuing academics, it is best to use white paper scrolls on your graduation banner.

Stay tuned for more posts!

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