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Wedding Photo Booth

What are photo booth props?

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A photo booth prop is an awesome frame that you and your friends use to make your photos much more fun and interesting. You can design your photo booth frame with different designs and custom messages to fit in with the current vibe of your event.

People love them because they are inexpensive, high quality, and really entertaining. Pull one out during your bridal shower, birthday party, or even a wedding, and watch how quickly people pull out their phones to take pictures of themselves having fun with your frame. Not only are they a great alternative to having a pro photographer, but they are also great for getting your event noticed on social media as you can put the name of your event on the photo booth for everyone to see.

What's the difference between these and traditional photo booths

We all know what a regular photo booth is, they are the large, vending machine-sized machines in malls or theme parks where you can go in and get your photos taken (usually 3 or 4) for a small fee. They both do roughly the same job and add a bit of fun and excitement to your photos, but there are a couple of reasons why a photo booth frame is a much better bet than a traditional photo booth.

Why should you get a photo booth prop?

They are a much cheaper alternative

Traditional photo booths are expensive to make and therefore even if you're renting one, they're expensive as well. With daily rentals costing from $350 all the way up to $3,400 for the more high-tech booths. Photo booth props on the other hand are undoubtedly cheaper with a great frame starting from just US$39.99.

This reduced price means more money in your pocket for better party food, entertainment or maybe even splurging on a great DJ for your event rather than your cousin's MacBook.

While being much more practical

Let's be real, Photo booths are large and fixed pieces of equipment. Are you really going to be able to hire one for your child's graduation ceremony and set it up on the grounds of the school just to take a couple of photos, or are you going to take on that massive price to set it up at a baby shower that only 20 people are going to be attending?

You can get a frame for your child's graduation party and have them go around taking pictures with all of their classmates after the ceremony, or have all 20 members of the baby shower stand together and put the frame just in front of the camera to get a nice shot of the whole event and the frame bordering the picture.

You get to keep the prop

After all your photos have been taken and you've paid for the booth, the owners come and take it away. With the photo booth prop, you still have the prop, which means you can pull it out and reminisce on the fun times you had during the event or, if you buy a durable frame, you have a great way of recreating the photos from your events later on.

Photo booth props are reusable

Buying a more durable Acrylic or PVC frame has the huge advantage of you being able to reuse the sign if you made it for seasonal events like Halloween, Christmas, or a back-to-school event you host every year.

They are a LOT less work to set up

Everything from negotiating with the rental company, anxiously waiting for the guys to come and set up the booth, paying for the number of photos they're going to print, and a host of other frustrating responsibilities makes using a traditional photo booth a hard-to-love prospect.

The photo booth frame doesn't have any of these stresses, simply order them ahead of time and you're all good. 

Just as importantly, they are a lot less work for your guests, you don't have to queue in line for as long to use the prop and most importantly, they will be using their own phones to take the pictures, which means they don't have to get them sent over by the photo booth operators or even worse, have you sift through all the photos and send them to the individual contacts (all while possibly nursing a hangover). Doesn't sound like a good time either way.


You're all caught up with everything you need to know about photo booth props, now all you need to do is click one of the designs below, start exploring, and find the photo booth frame that's perfect for your event.

Photo Booth Props by Category

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