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Halloween Decorations Signs

2 Game-Changing Halloween Decorations You Must Have In Your Party

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Maybe this is your first-ever Halloween party or maybe you’re already famous for throwing the best annual parties in your town. Regardless of where you fall in between these two extremes, one thing is certain, you’re here because you want your Halloween party to be awesome.

Only one problem, the decorations available to you are super generic, you know, string spider webs, mummies, and bats. They are fine but you need something your guests haven’t seen before, preferably something they can have fun and take pictures with. You need a statement design piece. Happily, we’re here to help.

So, to help you get your Halloween party to god tier, we’ve created a list of inexpensive products that are absolute game changers for your party’s décor and are great fun for your guests too. And best of all, you can get all of these delivered to you super-fast, so you don’t have to go to your local store and settle for a bland party.

Halloween pumpkin signs

Halloween welcome signs are an awesome way of making your party look like it was professionally planned without breaking the bank. A great sign fits in perfectly with your party décor and if you’re hosting your party in a crowded area or at an Airbnb, you can put up your sign at the door so everyone knows where the fun’s at.

Pro-tip for choosing your signs, make sure the design is appropriate for your party guests, some kids spook easily and the last thing you want is to terrify your little guests while they are supposed to be having fun. One final note on kids, if you're having a party with kids or hosting outdoors, you'll want to go for either the Acrylic or PVC signs as they are weather and super durable so they won't get damaged if and when the kids get their hands on them.


If you are going with the paper signs, you're going to have to do some DIY assembling, don't worry, you won't need a STEM degree for this. It comes rolled up and you need to buy a foam board, glue the sign on it, and then cut out the design on the sign. Yes this may be a lot more work and if that’s the case definitely get the PVC or Acrylic but if you don’t mind, it’s a great sign as well.

Check out some of the awesome Halloween signs we’ve prepared just for you

Halloween photo booths

Photobooths are a surprisingly fun hit at parties, having this quirky throwback feature at your event is a great way of getting even the most reserved people to partake in some party fun. Doesn’t hurt that photobooth pictures look awesome on social media.

Imagine how amazing all your Halloween pictures will look with you and your friends dressed up and taking pics with this. Plus getting it as a pair with the matching sign is a great way of keeping your décor consistent and looking better than ever.

Here’s a way you could bring some extra fun into this year’s Halloween festivities, If you're going to be having kids trick or treating in your neighborhood, have them take fun pics with the photo booth while they’re getting their candy, and then send the pictures to their parents as a little Halloween surprise. You’ll be helping them create memories that they’ll cherish forever and I guarantee that they’ll love you for it.

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