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How to Make an Acrylic Wedding Sign

How to Make an Acrylic Wedding Sign

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Acrylic wedding signs are quickly becoming a huge part of modern weddings…

It's pretty easy to see why.

Acrylic Wedding signs are gorgeous, glass-like signs that give the impressions of floating designs & writings, and have show-stopping beauty. They are the perfect way of making your wedding look professional (and expensive) even if you did it all by yourself on a shoestring budget.

Speaking of shoestring budgets, let's imagine you're on one and you decide you would like an acrylic wedding sign for your party. So, you decide the best course of action is to make one, and seeing as we are experts at making gorgeous acrylic signs, we thought we’d give you a super simple DIY guide for making your own wedding sign at home.

What you’ll need for the sign:

1. Acrylic sheet
2. Glue / Adhesive
3. Pencil
4. Ruler
5. Saw
6. Sandpaper
7. Paint Brushes & Paint
8. White primer paint

Let’s get started

Step 1. Choose your acrylic

Yep, it isn't ‘just’ acrylic, there are 2 types: Extruded & Cast.

Cast acrylic looks better and is more scratch resistant than extruded acrylic, but it also is more expensive and more difficult to work with.

Step 2. Cut your acrylic sign’s outline

Mark out the edges of your sign using a ruler and pencil, then using a jig-saw (yep, time for some manual labor), carefully cut out the outline of your sign. 

Be sure to use eye protection when cutting the acrylic, the last thing you want is a sharp piece of plastic flying straight into your… lets's move on.

Step 3. Smooth out the edges of the cut acrylic

Get your sandpaper and smooth out the edges of your sign, make sure you get everything as handling sharp acrylic is just as dangerous as handling sharp glass.

Step 4: Apply your adhesive

Apply adhesive to the back of the acrylic sign and stick it onto the frame you're going to be using to hang the sign. Press firmly and leave the sign to dry.

You can skip this step if you intend the sign to be on an easel or drilled on the mount.

Step 5. Decorate your sign

Now that you have the sign up, you can start putting on all the designs, messages, and finishing touches on your sign.

You'll need your primer (apply this before painting as it will make the paint stick better), paint brushes, and of course, your paint.

Get creative and put your design flair on the sign. Be sure not to mess up the design as it's very difficult starting over from scratch.

Step 6: Cutout the design

In the final step, take your gig saw (plus a couple of brave pills) and start cutting out your design. This requires a ton of precision if your design is elaborate but the end results should be good… after you sand it down again.

Step 7: Hold the vow renewal ceremony and reception

Finally, the day’s here, you've done all the planning, you've got all the amazing anniversary decorations in place and the couple is stunned by how amazing the results of your efforts are.

Be sure to get as many photos of the whole family getting involved in the ceremony. Have the children of the couple play as part of the groom and bride’s wedding party where possible. 

You can have a small toast from one or two people after the vows have been renewed, but it can be more if you couldn’t do step 4.

If you've done the planning well, there's not much more you can do here, time for the best part of this whole process…

The simpler way

Now that we’ve got the DIY warriors satisfied, we can tell you there's an easier way of getting a custom acrylic wedding sign that’s going to be higher quality than any handmade efforts, precision cut, and most importantly, cheaper…

Wanna guess?

Have someone else make them for you, preferably someone who has tons of experience having made thousands of acrylic signs.

The SpeedyOrders way

Not to brag but we’ve been told our signs are the best designed and produced in the country.

Let’s get you up to speed on what makes our signs so great:

- An impressive inventory of designs so you always find a sign to fit your occasion's vibe.

- Complete freedom to write your own custom messages on the signs 

- We print the designs directly onto the material (only the highest-grade acrylics will do), to give the best-looking signs on the market. 

- Precision cut with industrial-grade cutting machines so the designs are as amazing in person as they look in pictures (yes, those flowers might just be floating).

- We deliver them to you in a protective foil to prevent any damage. 

- Couple this with our super fast shipping and excellent customer service… It's no wonder our customers love us. 

- Did we mention that they are gorgeous?


So, what's it going to be?

Both approaches are viable ways of getting yourself an acrylic sign for your wedding.

However, this is your big day, you’d want it to be perfect, to fit in with the decor and elevate your entire occasion. If you want the best possible acrylic sign (for the same money and a LOT less stress) then you know which sign you are going with.

Check out our envy-worthy collection of acrylic wedding signs and find the one that best vibes with your weddings decor, fill in your message and choose the size of your sign…

Our awesome team will take care of the rest.

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