The perfect plus-1 set for your winter wedding

We love Winter weddings 

When done right, They are practically magic. 

You're transported to a spectacular world of ice, snow, and love. Where the couple and their closest family and loved ones celebrate their union with perfect, icy splendor… Even if it is scorching hot outside.

However, it's surprisingly difficult to find the perfect pieces of decor to match your winter wedding. Asides from throwing together some white drapes and putting up snow flakes everywhere, there are very few show stopper pieces available to tie in your winter wedding decor.

Happily, we’ve got an awesome pairing that when put together are the perfect statement pieces for your wedding.

Best of all, they won't cost as much as an ice sculptor, nor will they look super creepy after 2 hours on display.

So let’s get into each of these 2 awesome design pieces

Welcome Signs

Imagine your guests walking into your gorgeous reception venue, they take in the perfectly matched colors of your decor and bask in how you've managed to create this amazing space… then they spot the main centerpiece.

A gorgeous, perfectly themed welcome sign is placed front and center. 

Its acrylic frame makes the design look like they're frozen in a piece of clear ice, the gorgeous decor fits in perfectly with your wedding, and the warm words welcoming them to your special day. 

We’ve been lucky to have seen pictures from weddings with custom welcome signs and they always looked amazing but you really can’t express just how breathtaking a large, clear sign looks in a winter wedding. 

They are absolutely magnificent.

A wedding sign is an awesome addition to any wedding and has been the go-to decor piece for making your event look professionally designed. They are very inexpensive ways of making your wedding look very expensive, and who doesn't want that?


Photo Booth Frames

Wedding photo booth frames are awesome props that you and your guests can use to take gorgeous and interesting photos of your big day.

A winter wedding photo booth frame is perfectly themed to match your wedding and is an awesome way to get your guests involved in the wedding and having fun taking quirky pictures. You can even use the frame before the wedding while you and your party are preparing for the big day.

How to get the most out of them

Your wedding photo shoot

Your gorgeous winter wedding welcome sign is the perfect prop to make your pre wedding photo shoot even more beautiful.

Take it with you when you're taking your couples' pictures and place the sign with you, this works great if you're also doing some outdoor shots (especially in the snow). You can place the sign in the foreground, where people can easily see the words and designs while you pose in the background.

You can also get a picture of the sign along with 1 piece of jewellery or a special item that represents you and your partner’s love for each-other. This is a beautifully simple picture with a really powerful, sentimental tone. 

During the wedding preparations

You can create some super awesome memories by taking your wedding photo booth along with you and your party when you're preparing for the wedding.

Take fun pictures with the frame while you're getting your dresses/ suits, getting the decorations done, cake tasting, picking out venues… anything really that was an important part of the wedding process.

This is a really important (and stressful) time. It's not uncommon for friendships to end or become even stronger during these times, you’ll want fun memories of your time doing this with these truly special friends of yours.

Bonus points if you write a secret, special message that only the people in your group understand, maybe a language you picked up from a show or made up as kids, or even an inside joke. Anything that makes the pictures even more memorable will make a huge difference.

Take photos during the wedding

It's a wedding, your wedding, so you're going to want to take some gorgeous photos.

Good thing you have two amazing pieces to use to make all your photos and videos much more interesting.

You and your guests can take pictures around your welcome sign, sounds cliche but trust us, they will look amazing. You can also bust out your photo booth frame and have your friends and loved ones take fun and quirky pictures with it.

Coordinate your wedding Instagram posts

Take your favorite picture with your welcome sign or your photo booth frame and use this to create a large, 6-picture collage on your Instagram page.

You do this by:

  1. split the pic into 6 sections (Instagram uses 3 pictures per row, were going to be filling up 2 rows)
  2. Post the pics in this order 
    • Bottom right
    • Bottom middle
    • Bottom left
    • Top right
    • Top middle 
    • Top left
  3. Review the final collage to make sure you got it right.

Fill up the posts with reels, videos or stories… whatever you want them to be just make sure these pictures are your thumbnail. By the time you're done, you’ll have an awesome-looking Instagram feed and the perfect celebration of your most important day.


Keep the frame and sign for photo recreations during vow renewals and anniversaries

One huge advantage of these design pieces is not only the fact that you own them, and therefore the wedding planner can't take them away.

They are also durable, which means you can bring them out when you're doing vow renewals or celebrating your anniversary and want to recreate those wedding photos for your album.

You can get the wedding party back together and do your best to recreate photos from the wedding. If you're doing your recreations after a couple years, you could even replace members of the party with your kids and other members of your new family.

Quick note, if you intend on doing this then we really recommend going with the Acrylic material, they are strong enough to last you through any antics at the wedding and moves as you grow. The paper frames don't really stand a chance of lasting through that.


Having a gorgeous welcome sign and photo booth frame are important for way more than just the wedding.

They are a source of inspiration and the glue you need for a ton of awesome memories, also doesn't hurt that they make your wedding absolutely stunning and make for envy worthy content for your feed.

Checkout our gorgeous collection of winter wedding themed Welcome Signs and Photo Booth Frames, be sure to pick the one that fits in with your theme best and enjoy your amazing day.