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She Said Yes... Now What?

She Said Yes... Now What?

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Before we get this blog off, we just want to say


You are part of the happy couple right? Otherwise this is super awkward…

Anyways, let's get back to the reason we’re all here.

You're looking for an awesome way to celebrate your engagement and bridal shower and would love a fabulous piece of decor that's hopefully as beautiful as the love you and your partner share

Now, while a diamond encrusted baby elephant would be the perfect thing.

Unfortunately, they simply don't exist. Trust us, we checked.

But we do have the next best thing

“SHE SAID YES” welcome signs

Why would you want one of these?

The welcome signs are one of the most popular decor items at bridal showers and engagement parties as they are the perfect way of welcoming (shocker) your guests to your party while also getting a stunning ensign piece that elevates the decor of your event without having you spend a small fortune.

Welcome signs are awesome at making a hastily thrown together party look coordinated and fun. If you're hosting your celebration outdoors, they can be the only piece of decoration you'll need.

Doesn't hurt that they look gorgeous in all your pictures.

Where would you use it?

This is a bridal shower sign but the text makes it perfect for engagement announcements as well. 

Take awesome pics with it, set it in front of your party entrance, in the center of your hall. The sign is pretty versatile and will work perfectly anywhere you put it, except under the couch, no one can see it there.

Steal these ideas

Here are some of the ways we’ve seen other happy couples use their “she said yes” custom welcome sign to announce their engagement or celebrate their bridal shower.

Engagement photos

It's weird how the proposal is such an important part of the entire relationship but we rarely get to see pictures of it, just the ring and the animated face of the lucky lady.

Probably because you're both too busy living the moment

However, you can and should recreate the moment. You and your partner can get a friend to take some photos of your proposal recreation with the gorgeous sign letting people know that she didn't run away after the photo. 

If you can recreate the moment exactly, either because you cant physically go there or you're too embarrassed to be recreating a proposal in public. You can do this somewhere more intimate, simply getting down on one knee (or however the proposal happened) and taking the shot is enough to commemorate the moment forever.

Symbolic shots

This one is really quirky but we feel its super powerful, plus, not a lot of couples are doing this right now.

To do this, you look for some objects that signify who you are as a person.

Yes, this can be super tricky to narrow down but try to focus on what you really love doing, not necessarily what you do for work. For instance…

If one of you loves gaming, then you can use a game controller.

If its writing then you can use a stylised fountain pen

If its your career as a doctor, then a stethoscope is a great choice

If there's a pilot then a badge or their captain's hat is great.

Hope these examples help you understand the general vibe here. 

Once you've picked the symbols of what you each identify with, then you place them in front of the sign , put the engagement ring (standing in its case preferably) in between them and then take a picture of the whole scene.

What you'll end up with is a pretty picture that tells a wonderful story, one everybody who knows you as a couple will instantly get and flood your phone with congratulatory messages. It's also fun to see who doesn't catch on quickly and have some fun having them guess who you're talking about.

Create a story of your relationship

Gather all the pictures you have of you and your partner together…

We’ll be creating a touching story and focusing on all the important moments you’ve shared together.

Get the first photo you took together and go on from there till you get to the most recent ones, preferably an engagement photo like we planned earlier.

Line up the shots with captions telling people about what's going on in the pictures, things like “first date”, “first time making dinner”, “meeting the dogs” etc. All ending with the shot of your proposal. Finally, the welcome sign comes in last to let the world know that you're officially engaged.

This is a great way of announcing your engagement to all your family and friends… obviously, call your closest loved ones first, they deserve to find out before you tell the rest of the world.

Create an instagram collage

Take a picture of your welcome sign or one of the pictures you've taken using the above tips. You’ll be using this to create a large, 6 picture collage on your instagram page.

You do this by:

1. Split the pic into 6 sections (instagram uses 3 pictures per row, were going to be filling up 2 rows)

2. Post the pics in this order 

- Bottom right

- Bottom middle

- Bottom left

- Top right

- Top middle 

3. Top left

Review the final collage to make sure you got it right.

Fill up the posts with reels, videos or stories about the engagement or your bridal shower. This is a great way of decorating your instagram and organizing all your engagement photos in one place so all your family and loved ones can see them.

Decorate your party

Back to basics with this one.

Use your welcome sign for its main purpose, decorating your party and welcoming your guests.

To get the most out of the sign, it's best to make sure it fits in with the decor of your even before you buy it (or you can mold your party around the design of your sign), this helps keep the whole decor consistent and really elevates the design of the entire event.

You can get your guests to all take pictures around the welcome sign and have everyone’s socials filled with awesome pics from your event.

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The “She Said Yes” welcome sign is a gorgeous piece of decor that's guaranteed to elevate your entire bridal shower or engagement party.

Regardless of where you place it or what pics you take with it, it's a great way of commemorating a truly wonderful part of your relationship and will help you make memories you’ll cherish forever. Checkout our inventory of “She Said Yes” welcome signs to find the perfect one that vibes with you and your partner's unique relationship.

Stay tuned for more posts!

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