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7 Smart Ways to Use Selfie Frames to Throw the Best Parties of your Life

7 Smart Ways to Use Selfie Frames to Throw the Best Parties of your Life

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Since a decade now, people are madly in love with selfies. Why shouldn’t they be? Selfie make you look great. It captures the moment and selfie frames highlight your frame with natural effects. Explore the complete 7 Uses of Selfie Frames at Parties to use it smartly! Just remember to zoom far, wide, in and out when you’re trying to make the most out of the selfie frames.

How to use a selfie frame at a party? What is the real use of selfie frames? Is it really fun and good to use selfie frames for your next party?

1. Single Photo

Selfies are made to be trendy. It makes you look dashing and cool with a wink or two. If you’re into selfies, there’s nothing better than choosing your pose and taking a single photo without anyone in your selfie frame. You can even use this festive photo as your favorite profile pic on all social media profiles to show the party animal you are!

The group photo is another way of making the selfie frame highlight your love and fun at the party.

2. Eccentric Poses

Selfie frames are excellent to show the other side of you. You can put all you want or cringe all the way down to show that you’re having ridiculous fun at the party. Selfie frames are like naturally available highlights and effects for everyday photos.

3. Motion Photos

Another way to make the best use of selfie frames at the party is by recording the selfies. You can take a small clipped video with a collage of multiple poses when you’re posing with selfie frames. Motion photos can also be used to highlight the fun you’re having at the party!

4. Selfies with Photobooth Props

The best accessories to make the most use of selfie frames are photobooth props. When you pose at a selfie frame with photobooth props such as glasses, moustaches or witty dialogues, the moment becomes exaggerated.

5. Singing Video with Selfie Frame

What’s better than a clip of selfie? The video where you’re singing the birthday song and the birthday girl is holding the selfie frame for a final yoo-hoo moment!

Best for karaoke parties, selfie frames can make your festive event glittery than it really is. Try it out at the next birthday party.

6. Shades, Shawls and Sunglasses for Selfie Frame Pics

You can also make the selfies look  super cool by accessorizing your look in case you don’t have our bestseller photobooth props everyone is raving about!

From kickass sunglasses to stoles, shawls or pashminas, you can pose with crazy costume singly or as a group of friends to capture the best pictures of your life. Selfie frames transform the party as you think!

You can also wear costumes that fit with the Selfie Frame before posing for it!

7. Sign on your Selfie Frame

Besides customizing the design elements and text on your selfie frames, you can also physically sign the frame with a permanent or glitter marker, if you’re the center of the party!

Imagine how awesome you will feel when you see hundreds of FB photos with you tagged in via your signature. Amazing right? We’ve got your back, dear!

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