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Acrylic Mirrors

6 Reasons Why You Should Get an Acrylic Mirror Over a Glass Mirror

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It's no secret, glass is super popular. Take a quick look around it's pretty much everywhere you look and it's being used in a large number of places. One of the most popular uses for glass is as a mirror.

Whether it's a simple vanity piece or a mirrored wall or window for your business, glass has been used for a long time for mirrors, but there's an even better-performing and cheaper alternative to traditional glass, acrylic mirrors.

Acrylic is a special type of plastic that is similar to glass but offers better transparency, reflection, and strength over the glass. It's been used in a variety of applications from aerospace to deep sea exploration, so you know it's tough.

Let’s get into the different ways that acrylic mirrors are definitely better for you than traditional glass mirrors.

Amazing Advantages of Acrylic Mirror

1. Acrylic Mirrors are 30 Times stronger than Glass

We all know how difficult it is to break a plastic plate by dropping it, a glass cup on the other hand is pretty much an accident waiting to happen.

Plastic is, by its nature, much more flexible and therefore much more resistant to damage than glass because it can absorb more force. Acrylic mirrors are made from a complex type of plastic, this means that impacts and falls that would ruin your expensive glass mirror wouldn't even chip an acrylic mirror.

2. Acrylic Mirrors are Twice as Light as Glass.

Again, thanks to being plastic, acrylic mirrors weigh only half what a similar glass mirror weighs. This means they are much easier to move around and require less reinforcement when you're hanging them up. This is great news if you ever need to remodel or move the mirror to a new location.

3. Acrylic Mirrors are Inexpensive

Acrylic sheets are easier to manufacture than glass mirrors and they are infinitely easier to transport around, this makes them much cheaper to buy than glass mirrors which have very high manufacturing complexities, and costs, and require much more care to transport long distances.

The extra costs involved in making and delivering glass get passed on to you, making them much more expensive than acrylic mirrors.

4. It is Easier to Process

Because of how brittle glass is, it's really difficult to process it. Simply cutting a square is hard enough without complex industrial equipment, let alone making custom shapes. Acrylic, however, is really easy to cut and doesn't break or shatter. This means you can get it in any shape and design you want relatively easily.

5. Acrylic Mirrors are Safer than Glass

Because of their flexibility and strength, acrylic mirrors are much safer than glass mirrors. If they get hit with flying objects, a running child, or other daily impacts, they usually just bounce off the hit, and so at most you'll get a little scratch. Glass will tend to break, either into incredibly dangerous shards or into a million tiny little sharp pieces that you’ll need the rest of your life to find them all.

That's why schools, hospitals, high-rise buildings, and other places with mirrors are replacing their glass with acrylic. They're really that much safer!

6. Versatility

Acrylic mirrors are more resistant to environmental damage than glass mirrors, this means that you have a much wider range of possible applications for them. You can place them outdoors and they’ll last much longer than glass. They also have a higher heat resistance so you can use them in factories, warehouses, and other hazardous locations where glass mirrors would struggle.


In every metric that matters, acrylic mirrors outperform glass mirrors by a large margin, this is why they are the perfect material choice for your next mirror.

You don't need to go too far to find a great acrylic mirror at a fantastic price, check out our inventory of mirrors and take advantage of SpeedyOrder’s super fast shipping to get your mirror to you ASAP.

If you need a custom mirror made, please get in touch with us and tell us about your project, we just might have something for you.

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