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Protective Sneeze Guard

Clear Table Divider Sneeze Guards - Customized Solutions To Protect Against Covid

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Table dividers are awesome ways of maximizing available space and transforming general shared areas into more personal units. A table divider helps keep people separate from each other so they can focus better, keep their work from getting cluttered, and improve hygiene as there is a safe barrier between people.

They can either be fixed in place or portable, allowing you to use them for different purposes such as keeping staff safe from germs when interacting with the public or keeping students from peeping during exams.

Anytime you need to separate people into their individual spaces, dividers are an easy and inexpensive way to do it.

SpeedyOrders offers the highest quality table dividers on the market and they are perfectly sturdy enough to handle any situation you throw at them.

They arrive with Protective Film to Prevent Scratching & Damage During Shipping - simply remove the film and use your new table divider wherever you wish.

Clear Acrylic Interlocking Portable Divider Walls

This freestanding unit works well on rectangular or round tabletops or other flat surfaces. Our stylish and durable plexiglass desktop shield is easy to clean and sanitize. Face-To-Face coverage and protection. Plus - lightweight, impact-resistant acrylic is perfect for defense from nasty germs.

Table Divider Protection

Tips for using table dividers

If you have not been aware or using table dividers, here are some ways people use them:

• To utilize space
• To reduce cost
• To create more protection
• To maintain social distancing
• To offer a safe environment

Table dividers are also essential for a well-needed sense of protection during this pandemic.
Also, table dividers help each worker to concentrate on the tasks at hand and offer a reasonable level of seclusion.
Moreover, there are several other reasons why you need to choose SpeedyOrders table partitions.

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