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Outdoor Party Signs

How to plan an outdoor party - 7 helpful tips for your perfect celebration

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Prime Locations and Venues for throwing an outdoor party full of fun are listed below. Start planning for your outdoor party right NOW!


There are many free and reserved parks across the country you can use for any kind of outdoor party. Kids will love the new place and adults will find things to keep themselves engaged in a park better than at home!


Another fun place to host your party is at the mall. There are many malls that offer birthday venues and party destinations. Confirm the favorite mall of your kid and throw your kid’s birthday party!


A quick way to create a fancy outdoor party is by transforming your backyard into a party den. With a few balloons, party posters and confetti or inflatable pool, any backyard is perfect!

What do you need to Throw an Outdoor Party

From custom party invitations to feature posters and selfie frames, our party supplies for your outdoor party are handpicked. Start shopping now!

1. Outdoor Party Custom Invite

Depending on your theme for the Outdoor Party, you can customize to create Outdoor Party Invitations to your guess. You can change the name/ venue/ date on this bestseller Outdoor Party Invitation card. We’ve also added a free Thank You Card with the party invitation as a bonus!

2. Landmark and Custom Signs for Outdoor Party

How to direct guests to the party destination? Get signs and landmarks with the name of your party or date at affordable prices. It will impress the guests and get them to the right place in no time!

3. Outdoor Party Feature Poster Banner

Another brilliant way to throw an Outdoor Party is by ordering high quality affordable feature posters and banners. It can include your theme colors, name and party ideas or supplies. You can also use landmark signs to direct the guests to the party without any outside help.

4. Selfie Frame for Outdoor Party

To have maximum fun at your outdoor party, get a custom selfie frame your party. Whether you’re throwing a holiday themed party or birthday party, selfie frames are best for any occasion today. Take endless photos with your kickass selfie frame for party and you will see friends tagging you left, right and center. It is a quick way to stardom, interested?

5. Mylar Foil Balloons at your Outdoor Party

Balloons are the soul of any party. And, when you choose mylar foil balloons, you are also saving money as these balloons are durable and reusable. Moreover, Mylar party balloons can be used to fill empty walls too. Read more on how to use mylar balloons for outside party.

6. Outdoor Party Photobooth Props

Looking for entertaining photo sessions at your outdoor party? Get our custom photobooth props for your party and see your guests who don’t like photos hustling with the party photobooth props!

7. Custom Tees for Guests at Outdoor Party

Make your guests super happy with customized tees that says the name of the birthday girl as a souvenir to the party. We have affordable custom tees that can liven up any party! Start browsing for designs that matches with your party themes.