How To Plan The Perfect Pool Party

Pool parties are a great way to have fun, especially if you want to beat the heat. You can celebrate everything from a summer birthday to the fourth of July in a pool. But planning a party isn’t always easy. Today we are here to give you some of the best swim party planning tips so that you can have a perfect pool birthday.

Send Out Invitations In A Bottle

You can’t have a swim party without invitations and this DIY party supplies idea is perfect. Get glass bottles and stoppers and write out invitations. Seal the invitations in the bottle and hand them out. These are great for any pool party but are even better for kids swimming birthday parties.

Stock Up On Summer Snacks

Nothing says to beat the heat or pool party like summer snacks. Popsicles, cold soda, lemonade, chips, and fruit are all great choices. Make sure to include water to drink for a pool birthday as you don’t want anyone getting dehydrated from all of the sun.

Those who want to do something a little more, get popsicle sticks and molds at the store and you can create your own popsicles, probably ones that are healthier than you get at a store. Juice makes the best DIY popsicles but you can also add other ingredients too. It's one of many DIY party supplies that can be utilized for a swim party.

Get Pool Noodles And Floaties

One of the swimming party supplies that you can’t forget are the pool noodles and floaties. Both of these help to keep little swimmers entertained. They can even entertain bigger swimmers when they are trying to beat the heat.

Ditch The Standard Music

As a somewhat DIY party supply, ditch the standard pool party music and put together a playlist of music that everyone will like. You can mix in a few of the regular pool party songs but you don’t want to give everyone a headache.

Light The Pool With Glowsticks

For those that are going to continue your party after dark, you can create a very cool party-themed lighting design by getting glow sticks from the store and putting them in the pool. Not only are they DIY party supplies but you can tailor them to the colors you want. Amazon is a great source for light sticks but you can also get them cheap from military surplus stores.

Create A Water Volleyball Net

For your next pool party, why not create a water volleyball net? You can purchase a net from Amazon or any number of stores. Then with a couple of sticks or pools, you can string it across your pool. Once it's up you have a very easy DIY party supplies pool volleyball net. Just don’t forget the volleyball.

Make Your Own Party Favors Bag

If you are throwing a summer birthday party why not go with DIY party supplies and build your own favor bags. Kids will appreciate not getting a low quality premade one. For a pool party swimming party supplies often double as favors. Think inflatable balls, rubber ducks, sunglasses, Frisbees, and small squirt guns.

Don’t Forget The Pool Signs

Pool signs are one of the essential swimming party supplies whenever you are having a pool party, no matter the age of the swimmers. Hang up a no running sign and a no diving sign. Rules are never fun but they do keep us all safe. They will probably make your insurance company happy too.


A swim party is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer and beat the heat. Make sure that above all of the planning that you have fun. That is what a party is all about after all. Use these tips to help make your pool party perfect and take away some of the stress.