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Sneeze Guard

It is very easy to clean the "Protective Sneeze Guards".

1. Clean sneeze guards at room temperature with warm water and a mild soap or detergent solution, and thoroughly rinse with clean cold water.

2. Dry with a soft sponge to prevent water spots.

3. Never use abrasive or highly alkaline or ammonia-based cleaners. Never scrape with squeegees, razor blades or other sharp instruments. When disinfecting or sanitizing  Acrylic Sneeze Guard proper procedures should be taken. To minimize the risk of damage, use only compatible household cleaners and correct cleaning procedures.

Here is the instruction to use the sneeze guard

1. Unpacking - Remove protective film from all pieces (the protective film varies in color ).

2. Assembling - Carefully insert the triangles all the way in the opening of the shield. And it's ready to use.

Isn't it Simple and Easy.

For more information please refer to this video:

Please refer the following chart for the "Sneeze Guard" care guide:

Do not use unapproved cleaners or disinfectants on sheet products. Generally speaking, hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizers work best as disinfectants on polycarbonate and acrylic.
Disinfectants containing hydroxides, dimethyl benzyl or ethyl ammonium chloride, ethylenediamine and hypochlorite will crack the polycarbonate sheets.

When disinfecting or sanitizing  Acrylic, proper procedures should be taken. To minimize the risk of damage, use only compatible household cleaners and correct cleaning procedures.

The Cut hole (Transaction Hole)  is "40 cm x 6 cm" for all sizes of sneeze guards. For custom orders, we will make to spec depends on the custom for stability and product quality. Contact if you have more detailed questions on custom orders.

At Speedy Orders, we have Same Day or 1 Day Handling depends on the time of day, you place your order.

Fast Shipping for all orders, we have 3x daily pickups on location. All Shield orders are shipped UPS and packaged very securely. We are based in CHICAGO so the closer you are the faster the shipment. We understand the urgency of the situation, we are hard at work getting things out SPEEDY FAST! 

For any other shipping related query please contact us.

All the measurements shown are the width x height. What makes us different is the precision cutting that needs to be exact measurements for both sneeze guard and stand for it to be stable. For more information please contact us.

Yes, They are crystal clear. You can see through when you look through them. There is zero change to the aesthetic (i.e. they are so clear, you don’t notice them unless you look closely or are standing right in front of them). For more detailed information please contact us.

Foam Boards

What are foam boards?

SpeedyBaords are lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core.   These HEAVY-DUTY boards are very sturdy for our product’s needs.  This helps with our product line with photo booth props, selfies photo frames, and wedding signs or any signs.

We are bringing the best industrial boards in the market for great prices.

Size: HEAVY DUTY 3/16 inch thickness.  

Photo Booth Props Cut Outs Questions

Here are instructions to further your crafting abilities to LEVEL 1000 MASTER.

You would have to Mount it yourself to any cardboard or board. Use a glue stick for best results. We are not responsible for any user errors.

  • Step 1: CAREFULLY take out poster from the box.
  • Step 2: Use Glue Stick to stick to your board.
  • Step 3: Wait for it to Dry.
  • Step 4: Cut out the shapes.

  • Photo Frame Questions

    Here is the instruction to further your abilities to MASTER Crafting LEVEL 1000.

    You would have to mount them yourself.  The foam or cardboard boards can be bought anywhere.


    1. USE ELMER Spray Glue, so it doesn't give you bubbles. Stick it on.

    2. Wait for it to dry about 1 hour.

    3. Then cut off the middle.  (Black line or the White cut out parts)

    4. Done

    For all NOOB Crafting LEVEL 1 can try:

    Hobby Lobby or Micheals or Staples can mount and cut for you, of course, the fees vary, please call your local store.

    This depends on the sizes of people.  A good rule of thumb.

    Size: 36x24 (Inches) Fits 1-2 people per frame.

    Size: 48x36 (Inches) Fits 2-4 people per frame.

    We had 7 kids fit in the larger size before.  Of course, they were skinny 10-year-old girls. 

    Posters Questions

    All of our posters are in HIGH-resolution format using high-end commercial printing equipment.

    They’re printed on HIGH-quality GLOSSY HP photo paper 8 mil thick.

    While it is thicker than normal posters, it is milliliters thick.  If you do not know what that means, take a penny and it is about half that thickness. Of course, it is not as strong as a copper penny because this is photo paper.  

    Hint: Rulers go a long way. Also common sense.


    Sorry, we do not have any control over this.  

    For Credit Card Payments we use SQUARE:  

    Refund Timeline. It takes 2-7 business days to process a refund with Square. Once the refund is processed and sent to your customer's card issuing bank, it can take another 2-7 business days (depending on the bank's processing speeds) for the refund to post to your customer's account.

    For more information check out:  CLICK HERE

    For all Paypal:

    • How your money is refunded depends on how you made the original payment.

      • If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to your card. If the card you paid with is closed or invalid, please contact the issuing bank, as the money will still be refunded to your credit card account.
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      *Refunds to credit or debit cards can take up to 30 days depending on the card company involved.

    Returns and Policies Questions

    All our product is set to custom and new.  If its a fully custom product and we cannot resale the item we do not accept the return.  If we do accept returns, it has to in the same condition we sent it, there is a 20% restocking fee.  If it is not in "NEW" shape then there is a 50% restocking fee.

    For all returns please, contact us for an RMA has to be issued or we will not know who, what, when, where a package received came from.

    Raging on packages on our off time in the middle of the woods (don't judge us) is optional for employees.  This relieves us from stress due to the POST OFFICE destroying our packages.  Those packages that we rage on gets recycled.  If you find one that got shipped to you by accident, can you send us pictures of the damages?   The good news is we are insured, we need pictures to start our claim process.  All we need are pictures!

    We need to know all this information before we file for a refund.  Contact Us before you send it back.

    Shipping and Handling Questions

    This happens occasionally, we do not like doing this due to fraud issues.

    We would have to verify a few things before we ship it.  Most likely we are able to. 

    ALL orders are on a SPEEDY process, so if this is your issue, please contact us FAST. 

    Contact Us.

    Lightspeed is possible if it wasn't for this bad knee.

    Shipping option for overnight is seen at checkout.

    Level of complexity of design will take longer.  Orders, before 11 am, we can try to make it, if not we will notify you. 

    **It has been known that we do break records in speed.**

    ABSOLUTELY NO OVERNIGHT SHIPPING on Friday.  You do not have a guaranteed to get the package on the weekend.  We will cancel all orders for overnight done on Friday.

    It depends on which shipping service you select.


    Standard shipping takes about 4-8 days

    Expedited shipping takes about 2-5 days

    *Hawaii and Alaska and other parts of USA are about 5 - 10 Business Days.

    All P.O. Box orders will go out USPS.

    1 business day handling. All orders before 11 am CST will be shipped the same Business day.

    We do not ship on Major Holidays and Weekends. Depending on your service area from Carriers, they do delivery packages on a Saturday.

    Your package might be delayed due to SNOW STORMS. In the case of an Apocalypse, you will be first to know your package will be late, then we will contact our families.

    We're secretly vampires and cannot work after 11 am on new orders.

    All orders before 11 am USA CST will be shipped same Business day.  All orders after 11 am are shipped next day. 

    No Shipping and handling is done on Holidays and Weekends.  Vampires do not work on those days, which makes zero sense. 

    Very simple:

    We are on shipping schedule so we got to get all 11 am orders out by a certain time.  This is just to ensure all packages are out a timely manner.

    Please check your tracking number. If that doesn’t work, contact us, tell us what you ordered and your order number, and we’ll help you out.

    Technical Questions

    We can make color changes on most of our party supplies! There is a $5.00 one-time charge for all color change services. 

    We will love to design something for you.  Custom designs generally take up to 3 business days.

    Please Contact Us.

    Please share an image or URL of what you want it to look like.  A good starting point would help.

    Do we need to know what is your color schemes?

    We need to know how much time we have, so when do you need this by?

    Recently our policy has changed due to a surge in custom orders. We are now charging additional up to $10.00 to do any custom work that you need to be done (except copyrighted materials).

    We move at very 'speedy' production pace.  So contact us immediately before any work is done.   Good luck because we are 'SPEEDY' orders!

    We cannot cancel nor return any custom products.  

    Contact Us

    You DO NOT see changes INSTANTLY ON SCREEN.   Please use your imagination base of the design and change the options.  It is usually text, for example, if it says John Snow on the poster, imagine it with your name instead.   Yes, very hard to do, but we believe in you.  If your imagination fails you, please send us an email for a proof right after you order it.

    Please fill out all the required options on each listing.  If there aren't options for you to fill out, normally we do not offer customization on it.

    If all else fails, please contact us.

    On some channels;

    You can just buy the product and then on the 'note to seller, please put in your customization.
    If you cannot find it, just send us another email again to remind us.

    Those are our watermark for copyright when we send out proof.   We need to put them on proof's, without it we might as well work for free.

    The best part is the watermarks will not be on there on the final print.

    If you want to incorporate a logo into any design, please contact us before ordering.  

    Most likely it is possible.  We just want to make sure we get the right files and position the logo on a reasonable spot on the design.

    Yes, this is a sad case of one bad apple ruining it for everyone again.
    Sorry, but we only copy and pasted it.
    We do not spell check anymore.  We had to change our policy because we had few cases where they spelled it wrong and we corrected it but they wanted the wrong spelling on there.

    We will, however, try to catch the obvious ones and hope for the best.
    If you need a replacement copy, there are discounts available for another one.  Please contact us, we will hook you up.

    ANY CHANGES need to let us know before work gets started.  Good luck we are SPEEDY ORDERS.
    Help us grow by leaving a rating/review/feedback.  We will respect all reviews and will make no effort to get rid of any rating/reviews/feedbacks you give us.  Your rating and feedback will make us a better company.  

    If your thinking of leaving us a bad review please let us try to resolve it. 

    Every e-commerce channel has its own review system, if you have issues on where to leave one, please contact us.

    Like us on Facebook and share a picture with the product.

    Could you pretty please with a cherry on top, possibly copy and paste that on this page:

    Business Hours are 9 am to 5 pm Central time Monday thru Friday (excluding major natural disasters, invasion from aliens, and major holidays).

    An exception to ONLINE SUPPORT:

    We do not ask for our support teams to work on nights, weekends and holidays, but we do encourage them to try to keep up with customers.  We do encourage every to live happily and take some time to enjoy life.  The family first attitude here at Speedy Orders.

    Tee Shirts Questions

    Chest x Body length in inches (chest is measured from armpit to armpit)

    YS: Length 20.88" / Chest 15.25"
    YM: Length 22.13" / Chest 16.25"
    YL: Length 23.38" - Chest 17.25"
    XS: Length 27" / Chest 16.5"
    S: Length 28" / Chest 18"
    M: Length 29" / Chest 20"
    L: Length 30" - Chest 22"
    XL: Length 31" / Chest 24"
    2XL: Length 32" / Chest 26"
    3XL: Length 33" / Chest 28"

    Not sure on size for different kid ages but the best way is to measure the length from Top Collar to the waist. Buy a size up, if you have skinny kid they're fine, but the chest size might be too small if he is a bit thicker. 

    These shirts are soft and it stretches. For example, a 15" chest can stretch to 16" - 17"

    Hope that helps!

    Thank you.

    The best way is to measure the length from Top Collar to the waist. Buy a size up, if you have a skinny kid they're fine, but the chest size might be too small if he is a bit thicker. 

    These shirts are soft and it stretches. For example, a 15" chest can stretch to 16" - 17"

    Digital Invitation Questions

    Digital is nothing physical its all in the Matrix.  Nothing is real so we are NOT going to sending you anything but a digital file in PDF.

    Pick your options (Blue Pill or Red Pill):

    Do it Yourself Link: This is for you to do edits yourself in PDF.  (NEO would pick this)
    For Us to Do it: We will make the invitation for you and send you PDF. (People who are stuck in the matrix)


    Digital file is a PDF file we send you via email for you to download. That file is good for 2 Months until our system deletes it. You can take that file, do your edits, and then send it to your own printers for print.