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Get Together Black board style Xmas photo booth prop frame

Get Together Black board style Xmas photo booth prop frame

We challenge ourselves daily to add value to our products.  We ask the question, ‘how can we make this better?”  We tested for the type of ink we use to the type of paper that would be the best outcome.  We like the “WOW” effect it has on our customers when they receive our products. The foam board we are using is HEAVY DUTY but lightweight, we could have saved money selling lighter foam boards but we won’t get the “WOW” reviews.  We shared no expense to get the best industrial material.  We can guarantee you’re getting the PREMIUM industrial product when you order from Speedy Orders. 

Absolutely no OVERNIGHT or 2nd Day after Thursday 11 am CST Time. We do not ship on Major Holidays and Weekends. Depending on your service area from Carriers, they do delivery packages on a Saturday. Your package might be delayed due to SNOW STORMS. In the case of an Apocalypse, you will be first to know your package will be late, then we will contact our families.


All our product is set to custom and new.  If its a fully custom product and we cannot resale the item we do not accept the return.  If we do accept returns, it has to in the same condition we sent it, there is a 20% restocking fee.  If it is not in the "NEW" shape then there is a 50% restocking fee.

We love parties. Heck, we throw amazing parties at the Speedy Orders office every once in a while. We want the infectious ambiance and regal setting of parties easy to set up. To do so, we created Speedy Orders, where your fantasies come alive in SPEED!

We are geared towards making your party the best party your friends and family have ever seen. Our party supplies are affordable and the best of all, Speedily Delivery. When you shop with us, you can expect nothing but your exact dream on print.

Having delivered beyond expectations for many clients, we always strive our best to get your imaginations in ink. Besides the scores of banner, poster and holiday theme graphic designs available, you can contact us any time for any type of custom order. We love doing special orders and you can trust your dreams with us!

Get Together Black board style Xmas photo booth prop frame

Wish your friends and loved ones a Happy New Year?

This card is for you. This is a Large Personalised Black board style photo booth prop frame, Get Together, Corporate Event, photo props birthday, bachelor props, bachelorette props, or any type of events.


1 High Quality customised POSTER.




You would have to Mount it yourself to any cardboard or board.

Use glue stick for best results. We are not responsible for any user errors.

Step 1: CAREFULLY take out poster from box.

Step 2: Use a Glue Stick to stick to your board. (Stick Version Helps Reduce Bubbles)

Step 3: Wait for it to Dry. (At Least 15mins)

Step 4: Cut out the middle. (Black Area on Image)


Size: 36x24 Fits 1-2 people per frame.

Size: 48x36 Fits 2-3 people per frame.

For large sizes please contact us.

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