The news of the pandemic called Covid 19 has been a hard time for a whole lot of people. The urgent rise of social distancing has left people feeling apart from friends, families, and loved ones. Every event from planned vacation to large gatherings has been put to hold to control the virus. This is very hard for students that are supposed to graduate this year.

A lot of graduates must have looked forward to their graduation celebration, but due to the pandemic, everywhere has been locked down. There is no need to worry; this is because we at Speedy Orders have got tips on how you can celebrate your graduation. This will make your dream come true and without exposing you to the risk of contracting the virus.

  1. Organize a zoom party with some spiced up banners with other graduates.

Zoom is an app used for online meetings. Zoom is a wonderful means of enjoying your day with other graduates like you. Try organizing a party and add some spice to it by beautifying your room using our wonderful banners at Speedy Orders for your celebration. It comes at an affordable price. It is also important to add that smiling and seeing people will help bring stability in this trying time.

  1. Plan and organize a trip with the mindset of maintaining social distancing

What's more beautiful to celebrate your shift to real adulthood other than to view the world. Organizing and planning a trip will cover up things for you and give you an optimistic view of life. A relaxing and comfortable trip would be a nice option before getting a new job. We at Speedy Orders can make your trip fun and relax with our wonderful photobooth props.

  1. Have an illustrative graduation photoshoot and a photo frame.


The fact that the pandemic is on doesn't mean you can't go outside to take nice pictures with your friends and families if you have them around. Taking those pictures will be a great memory to keep for you even during hard times. But make sure you are six feet away from the photographer. A nice photo frame will be a good idea to design such pictures. Do you need them? Contact us at Speedy Orders, and we will get it to your doorstep in no time.

  1. Make a memory journal of your memories.

This is another amazing way to recall your experience while in school and bring back wonderful memories to lighten a hard time. Get old pictures of you, your friends and families and beautifully placed them in a memory journal. The memory journal and photo frame is a unique way of bonding with your friends and loved ones after a long time.

Most importantly, our party or event supplies are very much affordable, and most of all, speedy delivery guaranteed.

At Speedy Orders, expect nothing but your actual dream brought to reality.