COVID-19 Protection with Sneeze Guards | If your business has checkout counters, you NEED this product!

A sneeze guard can be a plastic acrylic or glass screen designed to create a physical barrier between people. They are also common in buffets and restaurants to prevent pathogens from entering food by sneezing. This sneeze guard protects one from contracting viruses, germs, and bacteria. They are normally used in any circumstances in which there is a need to limit contact with third parties, like; banks, pharmacies, reception desks, or shops. Sneeze guards are cost-effective and efficient to us generally.

Sneeze guard is very easy to set up. In a few steps, you will set the sneeze guard on the table or counter to prevent yourselves from contacting any virus or bacteria.

Why sneeze guard

There is a need to add a clear physical barrier in reception counters to prevent the transmission of diseases and germs. Most companies, hotels, hospitals, and others have reception counters where communication must take place between the customers and the receptionist or between the receptionist and other employees.

There are many other areas where sneeze guards will be effective; they include; restaurants, airport counters, and ticket counters. You can use a plastic or glass sneeze guards or plastic divider at the above setting to help prevent the spread of diseases which could be contracted by coughing or sneezing. By so doing, you're protecting employees and even customers from contracting any diseases. Sneeze guard creates a physical division between people and helps maintain social distancing.

Since the start of the global pandemic (Coronavirus), the government banned large gatherings, advised social distancing, and placed states on lockdown. The truth is some important organizations will not close because they provide necessities. This sneeze guard will be very important to prevent the spread of the virus. Most companies and businesses functioning amidst the coronavirus pandemic are turning to sneeze guard as a new safety measure as the virus accelerates in the whole world.

The role of SpeedyOrders

SpeedyOrders are fighting COVID- 19 by ensuring workers are busy making sneeze guards for healthcare facilities, which serves as a protective device. Most companies are still working amidst coronavirus by manufacturing sneeze guards to help protect workers from the spread.


SPEEDYORDERS-Sneeze Guard Design Specs:

·         Sneeze Guard has a triangular base.

·         Triangle is the strongest shape found in nature (this means the sneezeguard will be very sturdy)

·         The Advantage of triangle bases is very handy, easy to install, and very stable, secure, and sleek design.

·         The sneeze guard is Rectangular Shield which gives a wide area of protection. Portable & Easy To Move.



Speedy Orders are also creating and setting up mobile Plexiglas panels for hospitals and other healthcare services to place at counters of registration centers, patient interaction areas and assist in alleviating the spread of the coronavirus by offering medical staff supplementary protection. These sneeze guards will help protect healthcare office workers during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Masks are allotted to people. Body temperature is also checked. They are also offering personal protective equipment as part of essential company supplies to employees.

Speedy Orders are taking maximum measures to keep people safe, repeated deep cleaning, obtaining safety supplies which are available and changing processes to make sure their healthcare workers are actually keeping safe distances. The company are encourage employees to keep their distance and placed sneeze guards in all counterpoint between workstations although this company wasn't created for social distancing but due to the fast-growing pandemic, it is really necessary to keep safe distance to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

There are a lot of sites around the world enlightening us on different safety measures and precautions over the coronavirus but that's just what they will be.

Speedy Orders has extended a lot of benefits during the pandemic which will boost efforts of employees to support the health and safety protections within the company.


When you want to order sneeze guards, ensure the suppliers have good credit. Speedy orders have all information and necessary reviews you might need before making a purchase. SpeedyOrders offer rules and regulations guiding the use and installation of sneeze guards. The thickness of the guard, height, construction, and use are controlled by local and international health departments. You must know every detail concerning sneeze guards before purchasing.

For all custom orders contact SpeedyOrders directly.  So they can help you better with your custom request.


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