Partying is all fun until you become the host. You know how to pack hosting the party fun? By making part special dishes that are yummy and super cool to whisk. Our experts shared the best six party special dishes that you can snack in five minutes or less. Ready to try ‘em? It takes five!

6 Party Special Dishes you Can Prepare in Five Minutes with Household Ingredients


Party Special Dishes: SNACK IN FIVE MINUTES

So, you don’t even have to time to put on the Apron, and the guests have already come. What to do? Get some skewers plus vegetables, and you’re good to go!

All you need to do is arrange the veggies in a colorful or tasteful order to strike the pot luck on salad skewers. If you have some meat or minced batter, you can make a kebab-like delicacy in five minutes on the table!


Party Special Dishes: SNACK IN FIVE MINUTES

So, you have got most of the general things in your fridge, but no idea how to make it all work. Get some hot dog buns. Roast a hot dog, melt the cheese, throw in some veggies and stuff it after splitting the bun. Your hotdog is ready!

If you have some time on you, go for a trial one and experiment with a variety of sauces for five minutes before deciding on one.

3.      SALMON DIP

Party Special Dishes: SNACK IN FIVE MINUTES

Everyone loves salmons. What if we can teach you to make a yummy salmon dip for a quick party in five minutes? All you got to do is take on can of salmon and add lemon juice, cracked pepper and light cream cheese to the blender under the consistency is crisp. Add some parsley, let it run for a few seconds in the blender and your exotic salmon dip is ready!

4.      BEER BREAD

Party Special Dishes: SNACK IN FIVE MINUTES

This recipe is the king of all party special dishes. It takes five minutes (preparation only) and three ingredients, which also includes beer as one!

Get some Bisquick, sugar and beer. Mix it all together. Now shove it in the oven at 3250 for up to 50 minutes. And your, beer bread is ready to party!


Party Special Dishes: SNACK IN FIVE MINUTES

Fruits don’t rock well at parties that rock. But, chocolate does. The best party hosts shared their secret recipe of how to make a fresh tasting choco dish in five minutes.

Get a few oranges and separate them into individual cloves. Now, dip it in the melted chocolate. Throw confetti sugar and your dish is ready!


Party Special Dishes: SNACK IN FIVE MINUTES

To really impress your guests, we have a firecracker recipe that can stun everyone. The spicy chocolate popcorn!

All you need for the Bourbon Chocolate Spicy Popcorn is the dedication and time. It takes Bourbon, pecans, almond barks and your love. Learn how to whisk it up from CupCakesAndKaleChips!

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These party special dishes are unique and yummy to the core. Try it on and add your own fave mixes or flavors and share it below for surprise discounts. Ready to get the party started?

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