Party Ideas for Oktoberfest

If you like to have parties in the company of your friends, you will probably be interested to know what other holidays you can use as an occasion.

Autumn is a time rich in all kinds of bright holidays, from which you can make fun parties for any company - Halloween, Diwali, Day of  Dead, Thanksgiving. Oktoberfest can be added to this list. Of course, you know what Oktoberfest is. But just in case - this is an annual beer festival, which takes place from late September to mid-October in many European cities. This is a very noisy and funny holiday.


To properly celebrate, you need to know some traditions. First of all, of course, you will need a lot of beer, regardless of whether you have a big party or a small one. Beer should be drunk from large beer mugs - half a liter. But if you have larger mugs, they are great!

Where do they get beer from? Traditionally, beer at Oktoberfest is poured from huge wooden barrels! If you can find something suitable for your holiday - this will be the highlight of the evening.


What will distinguish this party from everyone else? Of course the costumes. You can easily find traditional German costumes for boys and girls at the box office or in special stores. This is not an obligatory part and you can simplify your task by making similar costumes yourself - for men, these are shirts and overalls with knee-length trousers, for girls, cut-out blouses and puffy skirts.

Food and drink

The main thing at Oktoberfest is, of course, beer. A lot of beer! You can purchase different grades, brands, dark, light, filtered and unfiltered. Traditional food for Oktoberfest is sausages. You can buy different varieties and fry them. And if you have the opportunity to organize a grill - it will be just great! You don’t have to spend time cooking in advance, and the smell of the prepared food will complement the holiday atmosphere, hot fried sausages will be much tastier when they are just cooked.


Have a beer quiz. You can find some funny and uncomplicated facts about brewing, Oktoberfest and ask questions to friends. Wins the participant, who answers correctly to more questions. And the prize is beer, of course!

Another option of the competition is who will be able to bring more mugs of beer. The main thing, of course, is not to spill it. Experienced waiters can carry up to 10 mugs filled with a drink. That is, a trained person can carry one mug of beer with just a little finger! But be careful, do not overdo it, because your friends have no knack.

Tasting is a great way to have fun at a party. You and your friends will be able to try many different varieties, as well as you can arrange a contest - for example, prepare ten samples of beer, hiding their names, number each of them, and on the sheet write the names and varieties that you have hidden. Your guests should try all sorts and try to guess where what beer is, making their own choices on a list. It will be fun and informative!


No party is complete without music. You can try to find the right music for yourself, but you can simplify your task. You can easily find ready-made playlists with music for Oktoberfest. It will not be difficult to organize this, and the atmosphere of the holiday will be guessed even by ear!


Do not forget to decorate your party place! There is a large selection of attributes for this holiday!

Let the celebration begin already from the entrance - put a big welcome banner informing that the person has come to the Oktoberfest party.

A great and simple way to decorate a place for a holiday is to cut out flags from colored paper, attach them to a rope and hang them over the ceiling - this is how the rooms at this holiday in Germany are decorated. The interior can be supplemented with banners with the words "Oktoberfest", posters with beer mugs.

To keep the memory of the holiday, organize a photo booth, providing it with a poster frame with an inscription. Friends will be able to take photos that will be immediately taken in a commemorative photo frame.


Well, do not forget the most important attribute of the party - smiles and good mood!