Women had no right to walk at night, vote, study or even talk in equal languages as men just a few centuries ago. We celebrate the victory of feminism and urge you all to celebrate International Women’s Day with a rocking party that uplifts womanhood. Explore party supplies you need for World Women’s Day.  

Why Celebrate Women’s Day

On March 08, we honor and celebrate the miracle of womanhood and feminism, across borders. Women have come a long way from the shackles of slavery, chauvinism and harassment since the start of the century.

Today is not just a day for appreciating the beauty of the kindred heart of women, but the life women give the world to keep it alive forever. Stop for a second and thing, without women, where would we be?

We, at Speedy Orders are proud to join hands with women across the world to make this Earth a better place. Are you in?

How to Throw a Party to Celebrate World Women’s Day on March 08

What are the best party supplies to throw a Women’s Day party? How to host an International Women’s Day Party like professionals!

1.      Set a Theme for your International Women’s Day Party

PARTY PRO TIPS: How To Celebrate International Women’s Day!

To get started with the World Women’s Day Party, you need to design a theme for your party. It should have specific colors, slogans and mission statements you can use to get custom party supplies to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

2.      Customize Posters for World Women’s Day Party

Another fun way to celebrate the International Women’s Day is with personalized posters that show the theme and meaning of your party as well as your USP! As we have tones of design options from flowers to birds, and plain character illustrations, we can create customized posters that will make your party rock.

3.      Create Pro-Feminist Banners with Slogans for Women’s Day

What best to make your guests feel the vibe of the party than with artistic and high-def posters with feminist slogans. You can even pose with it as crusadors or posing martyrs if you’re pro-feminism too. Drop us a mail with your product ID for 20% off on products only on International Women’s Day when you shop on Speedy Orders.

4.      Pick Fun Selfie Frames for your Party

Anniversary Photo prop frame, LARGE Printed & Ship, Photobooth props, Pink colorful, flowers blooming, nature, emojis, bright ideas

Yet another trending way to make any party memorable is by getting our customized selfie frames. We have a vast variety of feminine design elements you can choose from. Your friends and feminist guests will have a blasting time posing with the fun selfie frames. It can rock your party if you customize the frames with great feminist quotes and inspiring slogans!

5.      Wear Feminist T-Shirts on Women’s Day Party

What is better than custom tees and shirts with the most popular feminist slogans? Book your custom tees after designing them with our graphic pros!

Feminist T-shirts with slogan can set your profile as a pro at the party. We bet it will help to kickstart conversations with guests at the party too!

6.      Take Pictures with Crazy Photobooth Props

A relatively new way to make the selfie photo sessions interesting, photobooth props are designed to make the photos extra nostalgic. With the moustache, sunglass and eccentric dialogues, we have a complete array of photobooth props for pink parties and similar revolutionary ideas. As we are experts at custom printing and poster designing, talk with our experts to get your dream International Women’s Day Party up and running!

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