Everyday Party Ideas For Back To School Parties

Going back to school can be stressful. You can work to reduce that stress by preparing your child. One way to prepare your child for going back to school, is to throw them a back to school party. A back to school party works well for kindergarten, first grade, and beyond.

Today we are going to give you some tips to prepare a back to school party. These everyday party ideas and DIY party ideas will help you to throw the perfect back to school party.

- Make Party Themed Sugar Cookies


Sugar cookies are pretty easy to make. While circles are the traditional shape for cookies, if you make squares and rectangles, there are a number of school themed icing ideas you could use. Here are several back to school icing ideas for sugar cookies:

* Chalkboards

* Notepaper

* Graded Tests (Give Them An A+!)

* Pencils

* Notebooks

* Binders

* Rulers

- Make Paper Chains In The School Colors

Why not celebrate going back to school while showing some school pride? Make paper chains with papers colored after your kid’s school colors. Amazon sells paper strips sized perfectly for paper chains. Alternatively, you can cut them down yourself.

Softly bend the paper strips together and use a glue stick to tape the ends together. Continue that for each link in the chain. Viola, you have a party decoration that you can hang on the wall. These are a popular DIY party idea.

- Have A Painting Session

Painting with friends can be great, no matter the age. It is also extremely relaxing. Buy some paint from a dollar store or off Amazon and have your kids paint. A cheap tarp can help to prevent the painting session from becoming a big mess.

- Make Balloon Apples

This DIY party idea is creative and super simple. Get some red balloons from the store and some green and brown construction paper. Cut the paper into the shape of a leaf and the brown into the shape of an apple stem. Now tape one of each onto each balloon and you have yourself a bunch of apples to decorate your party with.

- School Themed Invitations


On Amazon you can order library checkout cards for less than $10, pick some of those up and some manila envelopes. As an idea make the title Back To School Party, the due date the Party Date, and under borrowers information fill out the rest of the information you need.

- Binder Decoration Party

Another great party idea is to get binders for each kid and a bunch of stickers. Permanent markers in various colors can also be helpful. Let the kids spend their time decorating their binders for the school year. If your kid is in kindergarten or first grade and they don’t have binders, you can decorate notebooks. Numerous places sell school bus and other school related stickers.

- Use School Supplies For Table Settings

School supplies make great table settings. Name tapes for class can be used as seat markets for example. Smaller manila envelopes are great napkin and utensil holders. Make a fun little menu and post it on a clipboard at the center of the table. If you put a disposable tablecloth down you can use notebook paper as placemats. Top the design off with a bundle of pencils at each seat as a back to school gift.

It is important to start the first & last day of school off right. These everyday party ideas and DIY party ideas will help to do that. Your kids will get back on the school bus actually looking forward to school. A good first day means a good start to power the rest of the year.

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