Have you ever used the newly themed balloons to any party? They are reusable and easy to use, unlike OTC balloons. Best Custom Themed Balloons to Fill your Party with Color and Fun are listed below. Start customizing your party right away!

5 GORGEOUS Custom Themed Balloons for Parties

·        Baby shower Balloons

Amongst the rubber balloons, the shiny Mylar foil balloons in the shape of cute babies will blow life into your baby shower party. Our themed baby shower balloons come with automatic sealing and are reusable too.

·        Wedding Bride & Groom Themed Balloons

Complete with an ivory gown of the bride and black-and-white tux of the groom, this wedding themed balloons are kickass and high definition. Easy to inflate, wedding bride and groom balloons are also ideal to setup near the wedding cake too. The tux and wedding gown balloons are 42 inches high and 24 inches wide!

·        Graduation Party Balloons

What graduation party is complete without balloons. Rock your graduation party with these reusable balloons that say good luck. The emoji graduate costume themed balloons are a bestseller for any academic party for kids and adults!

·        Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Balloons

Priced less than $5, Unicorn colorful themed balloons are made with superior quality molar foil aluminum. Being colorful with pink and blue hues, it will be a rocking hit at your kid’s birthday party too. You can inflate with helium to make the unicorn fly at the party!

·        Gender Reveal Party Balloons

Customized in blue and pink colors, these gender reveal themed balloons will be amazing at your baby shower. Set in lovely pink and blue teddies, these themed balloons are customized lovely nipple bottles around their neck too!



Wondering how to use your amazing new themed balloons at the party? Our #PartyGurus have amazing tricks for your try right away!

5 GORGEOUS Custom Themed Balloons for Parties

1.      Let the Balloon Touch the Ceiling

Fill your balloon with helium and let go of the string. You will see the balloon go up to the ceiling and stay upright. Enjoy your party!

2.      Fill your Pool with Themed Balloons

Buy a bunch of themed balloons. Inflate ‘em up. Now throw them around the pool and reuse them once your guests are gone.

3.      Place a Balloon onto the Chair to Designate

When you tie a balloon at a chair at the party, your guests can recognize their seats if you write names or picture on the balloon.

4.      Use Balloons to Fill your Empty Walls

Buy a bunch of balloons. Now stick them to the empty walls and fill them for a gorgeous color play during the party.  

5.      Play a Game of Balloon Volleyball

Balloon ball is just like volleyball. Remember to be light when you’re dealing with balloons tho!

Before you go …

Themed balloons are beautiful decorations that levels-up the party.

Wondering how to inflate themed balloons for parties from SpeedyOrders? We’ve got your back! Watch this video to know the complete details on how to use your Mylar foil balloons for parties in 5 minutes! 

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