The new year in China, or Spring Festival, is one of the most popular and important events for the inhabitants of China. It lasts around the end of January to the end of February and should be properly prepared according to the traditional procedure.

This is a movable holiday, so the beginning of the next year may start on a different day than the previous year. However, the New Year celebration always ends with the Lantern Festival.

The Metal Rat year will start from 01.25.2020. Here are some ideas for the Chinese New Year's party:

1. Send invitations. Be sure to keep them in red, which is a symbol of happiness and have golden additions, which symbolize wealth. You'll find several designs in our store.

2. Decorations are a very important element of this holiday. Decorate your home and table with as much red as possible, which, according to tradition, will ward off evil spirits for the next year. Add gold extras to invite home well-being. Our posters will be perfect for this, they are red and gold enough.

3. Prepare traditional dishes, or order them from a restaurant, remember to do it early enough. Such dishes include: clear soup, stuffed dumplings, noodles should be served and eaten uncut if possible, the length represents long life, whole fish with head and tail still on, spring rolls which represent wealth, the word for lettuce in Cantonese sounds like rising fortune, so lettuce wraps are a good, healthy choice and mandarin oranges are popular for many reasons.

4. When guests arrive, have fun loudly to scare away evil spirits and enter the New Year with joy and a smile. Our photo frames help in capturing these wonderful moments.


5. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with lots of noise. Follow the tradition of setting off fireworks during the Chinese New Year to create noise as a part of the celebration. Scare off the demons and evil spirits and add to the fun and excitement. Set up a fireworks craft for the kids with paper, glue, and glitter, so they can make their own display.

6. Dragon Dance: Get creative with your Chinese New Year party ideas and enjoy a traditional Dragon Dance. See the performers dressed in decorative dragon costumes, and listen to the music created by the drums and chimes.

7. Give your loved ones and friends traditional red envelopes with "lucky money" so that they will do their best in the New Year.


They are very important and have several traditional versions. The most popular are:

GONG XI FA CAI! "Congratulations and all the best" or "Congratulations and good luck"

XIN NIAN KUAI LE! "Be happy and rich"

XIN NIAN RUI! "Fulfillment of wishes in the new year"

ZHAO CAI JIN BAO! "Money, come to us "Have a wonderfull New Year with many occasions to use our products on your amazing parties.