Reunion parties are times for endless fun.
If you’re looking for best affordable reunion party supplies to make your party a blast, choose the expert tips from below ASAP!

The Best Affordable Reunion Party Supplies to make it a Blast

What to get for reunion party supplies for the college reunion? How do the pros host reunion parties in 2018?

1.      Reunion Party Invitation

Design a customized invitation for the reunion party so that the guests RSVP quickly. From flowers videogame elements and hearts, we have a wide variety of reunion party invitation cards to use for your college reunion!

2.      Reunion Party Poster

Why trouble making reunion party supplies when you can get personalized reunion party poster for affordable rates at the speediest delivery? We have got an amazing collection of reunion party posters to choose from, for your party. Get started right away!

3.      Reunion Party Selfie Frame

Selfies were perhaps not so cool during your school or college days if you’re a millennial. However, today, selfies are the biggest booming trend. Get custom made selfie frames for reunion party at cheapest rates. Our selfie frames are made with glossy designs and high resolution graphics to impress your guests in a wink!

4.      Photobooth props for Reunion Party

While you’re getting ready to pose funny with the selfie frame, why not try the custom photobooth props for the reunion party supplies as a trial? Fitted with funny moustaches to hilarious dialogue boards, our photobooth props for reunion parties are excellent and mind-blowing!

5.      Tee Shirts customized for Reunion Party

You can also get customized tee shirts with your batch year and cute illustrations to represent your reunion party supplies. These are hip, cool and timeless. You will see people wearing and praising these tees long after the party too!

Games to Enjoy at your Reunion Party

What are the Best Affordable Reunion Party Supplies

What are the super-fun games to engage your classmates and make merry on reunion parties? Ask the party experts for reunion party advice now!

·         Slideshow of Photos for Olden Days

What’s more fun than memories from the old days? Make a collection of photos from your olden days by collecting them from all your classmates. Now arrange it in a folder within the pen drive to connect to a projector and enjoy with maximum fun.

·         Pin the Teacher

An interesting game that brings out real fun, all you need is a cutout of your teachers to start playing the game. Same way as pin the tail, pin glasses or dots on the teacher to brew fun in your reunion party night.

·         Imitations and Impressions of Nostalgia

The best way to remember the old days is by brining alive the sound of the people. Throw a game where people imitate and impersonate teachers and students from earlier days. A surefire way to have fun, impersonations are a quick hit amongst reunion parties too.

·         Compare and Contrast your Yearbooks

Another entertaining game to play at the reunion party is yearbook game. All you need for this is the old yearbooks. Hence, add it in the custom party invitation for reunion guests to bring their old yearbooks. You can compare things people wrote years ago with the present!

·         Karaoke with Reunion Songs

There is no end to Karaoke fun. Enjoy your favorite songs with your friends by singing it together and in groups. You will thank us for this reunion party idea once the party is over!

·         New Class Photo Poses

Just as you reminisce your old class pictures, take new memorable pictures too. Use selfie frames and photobooth frames to spice up your reunion party fun!  

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